Benefits Of Adding Kettlebells To Your Home Gym

Kettlebells are now a staple at most regular gyms because of the fantastic workout benefits they provide. If you have a home gym, they are a must as well. Here are some of the benefits that kettlebells offer for your home gym. This site provides a lot of the best and most common equipment that you could ever need.

Kettlebell workouts at your home gym can provide both strength and cardio training. Swinging a kettlebell has been proven to burn calories at a rate of about 20 calories per minute. You can lose weight, and tone your body at the same time.

Kettlebell swinging at your home gym is an extremely fluid exercise. This means less wear and tear on your joints and ligaments than other strength training exercises, and cardio exercises. It’s smoother for the joints than explosive exercises like plyometrics.

When you use kettlebells at home, it helps in using your brain as well. The kettlebell workout is a routine, and you must use coordination, and be able to switch the weight between hands. The result is an increase in coordination and muscular endurance.

Kettlebells are very versatile. You can incorporate them into various strength training and power training routines. Famous programs like Tabata include kettlebells in a way that is easier than having to do cleans and jerks. Once again, because kettlebells burn calories fast they will help anyone at their home gym get in better shape faster.

Kettlebells are perfect for a home gym because they take up so little room. Having a massive bench press in your home is an eyesore. Why not buy some bells instead and get a better workout while having more space? This is a no brainer. You could even try something like the Kettleblock or the Kettlebud which are both great options for those looking to workout at home.

For males that have never used a kettlebell before, it is recommended to start out with a 25 lb one. For women, the recommended starting weight is 15 lbs. Starting at a lower weight will help you avoid injuries at home. These weights great exercise, but they do require the right technique and form, which is easier to do with a lower weight.

Simply stated kettlebells are a must for anyone that wants to have an amazing workout at home. They combine strength and cardio, burn calories fast, are smooth on the joints, and mix in with other workouts easily. They also take up very little space in your home.

This is a must for anyone that wants to get ripped and toned at home. It’s time to add some kettlebells to your home gym.